Ready? … GO!


My name is Scott.

I am 28 years old and love music, photography, stories, and people. I’ve been married for three years already and have the coolest great dane in the world named Sadie. Occupationally, I’ve worked a ton of odd jobs over the years, but the Christian Church is where I’ve been every since I graduated college.

You might be able to guess this-but working in a church gives one a pretty unique perspective on life. Churches are full of people, people are full of stories, and stories teach us a lot about life.

Thats the great thing about my story and your story-we can learn from each other.  Most of us are a mix of deep thoughts, beliefs and emotions that rarely surface.

Why don’t our real thoughts and beliefs on things surface more often? Why is it so rare to have great conversation with other people? I’ve talked to so many people over the years who have a million friends yet still feel lonely.

One thing I’ve learned thus far is that life is super short. That fact has always stirred a deep burden within me: I want to make a difference in the world before I die and my story is over. I want to live well-and part of living well is being authentic. I created this blog mostly to share some honest and authentic thoughts. This blog is:

1. A place I can share what I’m learning in life, leadership and administration.

2. A place I can encourage others.

3. A place to share thoughts and reflections on everything that I spend so much time thinking about (life, religion, and people) in an un-churchy way.

I hope you read it. I hope you respond to it either on here or you can email me at Most of all, I hope reading my thoughts inspire your own thoughts. I hope you find the boldness to be real this week. I hope that you will authentically share your life with others-maybe you are needed by others more than you realize.



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